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Dawes Bikes

None are as proud and passionate about their bicycles as the British, and this trait carries over to Dawes bikes. In business for over 100 years now, Dawes Cycles boasts of a pedigree and history that few other companies in any industry can match. In 1906 in Birmingham, UK, Charles Dawes partnered with a motorcycle manufacturer to form Humphries & Dawes. The Humphries part of the business continued to build motorcycles, while Dawes concentrated on serving the market with his racing bicycles. In 1926 Dawes Cycles spun off to focus exclusively on producing bicycles. Dawes bikes were an essential part of the British war effort during the two world wars, and the company has continuously supported the best British bike racers throughout the years.

One of the best-selling Dawes bikes and a sterling example of the company's commitment to high standards of quality and workmanship was the Dawes Galaxy Road Bike. Specially built for touring, it became popular because it featured an extended wheelbase and a bit heavier but stiffer frame that allowed luggage to be stacked on the bike. When it was presented in 1971, the Galaxy was remarkable for being an off-the-shelf and ready to ride touring bicycle at a time when touring bikes were usually expensive specially-built machines.

The current line of Dawes bikes includes a wide range of styles for different biking needs and preferences.


Select Dawes bikes make use of Reynolds steel tubing. This strong, lightweight material has earned its reputation for being reliable and versatile, and has won the confidence of many top caliber cyclists.